Antipope: Disillusion

All lined up before a clash
For the love of god and holy land
Shape the fates by divine right
But ain’t it just to show the might

And so they fuck you until you drop
Convinced to keep your mouth shut
To never mind the blood and the filth
They feed the world without slightest guilt

The bravest and the strongest have to go
In case they choose to stand on their own
The meek and the weak are held in line
By promises poisoning their minds

Tracing the lines with my fingertips
On these walls I have built
Sometimes I feel there is a part of me
That wants to break through

Where is your god
When the moment of truth arrives?
Alone you were born in the dark
And alone you shall depart

Take the sign and be my son
Wage the war until my will is done
Be brave and drown the world in blood
We shall conquer the infernal one

Close your eyes and refuse to see
The shackles on your hands – pretend you’re free
Eat your daily share of shit
Smile and ask ‘could I have more of it?’

The hand of the father holds a gun
Pointing at you if you renounce the one
True faith and all the saints
They made up to hold you in place