Antipope: Bring Out Your Dead

The dead beckon me
In their defeat

A stranger behind me
A shadow out of control
Lurking behind me
A memory painted black

Beckoning, beckoning, beckons me
An anthropomorphic illusion
A death-mask of life
That used to be me

‘The wanderer of the wastes’
The way he used to call himself
Walking in the empty places
Where his shadow melted into the dark

In the pitch black of the night
There’s no light to fail
Be free from the craving
Woken by the light of the day

The warrior of the barren land
Alone in company with your mortal enemy
The monkey on your shoulder
So strong fragility

Fiercely you battled through the years
And all the time you wished to leave the fields
Of death behind

For every corpse bears a face from your dreams
And each incautious word brings out
The deceased

Not even the dead can keep you company
Mingling in the mists
Covering the landscape of your memories
Always out of reach

And there you are
In the eye of the spiral
In the revolving wheel
Of death and life

Did you think
‘for me it will last
And all that I’ve gained
Would for ever stand fast’

The dead beckon me…

[Solo: JR]