Lost With You: The Past Is Past (2007)

Music and lyrics by Ace Metalhead

Memories from the past fill my mind with sadness
Calling me back in time to live it all again
Wouldn't I like to go back in time in my life

Longing looks stronger and unfulfilled
Little things seem to be so precious
Missing the past, it's here no more, it's gone

Life goes on and on, it's here no more

Time with you is now gone but it's not lost in me
It was sad, we must part, I can't see you no more
Sometimes it's hard for us to let go from the past

Life goes on, I will cry without you
But I keep the memory in my heart
Calming me when I fear the future

Yesterday is far away

All that time made me see so many things in me
Holding that time in heart defines what I am now
The past is past but I will never be past it

Now it seems future's past is today
Only now it's time to live my life
Holding on to the past, it's with me now