Halda: Farewell to Lórien

Quenya lyrics in part from Legolas' song "To The Sea!" by J.R.R. Tolkien ("Earenna!" Translated by Fredrik Ström )

Feel the wind, feel it changing
Winter is coming to our last retreat
Soon the vale will grow cold and silent
And a shadow will fall over our memory

Earenna (To the sea)
Andúnenna (Westward)

In the sound of the ocean the call of our blood -
I know in my heart:
Our time here is over...

The trees of gold and silver
That stood here long before I was born
Will they remember
Will they stand here even after we are gone?

Meldanya Lórien, (My beloved Lórien,)
Namárië! (Farewell!)

Far beyond the last horizon
Our journey ends on a distant shore
Where dawns are fair
And when the evening falls
The light of the stars will shine evermore...

Eldamardo Fírimain útúvima, (Elvenhome for mortals unfindable,)
Nóre nórenyo tenn'oio! (Land of my people for ever!)