Bernard P. Ktaemsshar: Paracelsus pedestrian park

In this park
water ist kalt
the fires go green
and the earth and air
are so so plain.
Es ist ja klar:
here you will find
the cure that will
free your mind.
But do not stay too long
for the dose
makes the poison.

Paracelsus pedestrian park
just stroll here for your leisure.
The tria prima are exposed on the Bergrücken
Tu va voir: c'est une belle petite promenade.

Reach for the golden heart
See the silver brain
let the sun and moon
shine on you.
And if you glücklich bist
tu pourrais trouver
the lead spleen or
the quicksilver lungs.

Paracelsus pedestrian park
just strolled here for my leisure.
Saw the tria prima exposed on the Bergrücken
Faut le croire: c'était une belle promenade.