Halda: A Midsummer Night´s Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream

In the gloaming, 'fore the night
When the woods are tinged with twilight
And dewdrops glisten green -
On cobwebs crystalline -
From amidst the trees appear
The fickle folk of shadowsphere
To join the dance of mist and shade
The vesper's somber serenade

Come to me...

When the moon is overhead
And the little fae have gone to bed
The fauns creep forth to try their charms
To win the wanton dryad hearts

Drums deepen, voices change
The dance now becomes a chase
Of shapes and figures scattering wild-eyed
Strange creatures howling in the night!

Heed the warning from within
Step not into a faerie ring
For if you do, you cannot run nor hide
You'll be dancing for you life...

And come the morn, come the day
The forest deep in slumber lay
All the meadows mild and still
Heaps of heather on the hills
Undulating in the quiet breeze
Violets, bluebells, lilies white
Leaning toward the light