Halda: Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood in the footsteps of the Wolf
Seeking him, trailing him by the trickle of blood
The red stream is glowing on the mosses of velvet green
The wounded Wolf is here, yet he's nowhere to be seen

His glacial gaze is fixed on the huntress in the shades
Despite the pain, her might over him does not fade
The scent of the wolf blood, the howling of the Grayhide
The prey waiting for her, knowing the end is nigh

Quiet in the darkness she searches for the beast
Down the hollows, across the narrows and through the moonlit ravines
She circles in the shadows, she turns every stone
"Before the night is over I'll have you as my own..."

”You cannot escape without a scar, and after I
Have tasted your blood, I’ll know where you lie.”
“If that will make you follow, I’ll gladly pay the price
But once the Wolf is in your veins beware! Naught else will suffice!”