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Star Orion (Airplay Edit) 06.10.2003


A journey through starfields on a search for Star Orion. Bright melodies and vocoders with typical Laserdance bassline. Thanks goes to Marco Rochowski for DJ'ing this Airplay Edit for me from the full length version. :)
Written, Lyrics, Vocals and Produced by Jouni Airaksinen.
[Downloaded over 4200 times, 17th March 2005]

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Rainbow Racer (Airplay cut) 09.08.2003


I started writing this song in December 2002 and never finished my version of it (some of you might heard that version). Later in spring/summer 2003 Marco Rochowski wanted to remix and produce the song as he felt it was really a master piece. This Airplay/Radio cut was entry at Assembly 2003 Vocal Music Competition.
Software & Samples used: Magix Midi Studio, Wavelab 4, DMX drummachine, Linndrum.
Hardware used: Yamaha S30+AN plugin, Korg X3, Juno 106. Written by Jouni Airaksinen, Produced/Lyrics/Vocals by Marco Rochowski.
[Downloaded over 2500 times, 17th March 2005]

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Fire Fusion 26.10.2006


My entry to Spacesynth.de music 2nd contest in which this song placed 4th. This version is in it's full glory with vocoders and the end climax. I hope you enjoy..

Composed, Produced, Lyrics & Vocals by Jouni Airaksinen.

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Twilight Imperium 26.10.2006


My entry to the Spacesynth.de 1st music contest in 2005. This song placed 3rd on the contest and now finally available in full length for all of my fans.

AN1x, Juno-106 and JX-8P were used for certain sounds.

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Protocosm 04.10.2006


Song made during one evening for Mikrobitti 07/2006 music contest. Did not win, but was among the selected ones which are available for download from Mikrobitti's website.

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Twilight Imperium (TDJ Spacetrance Remix) 18.11.2006


Not sure if this song was ever released, but now it is. This is remix made in autumn 2005 by Mika Torvinen. A trancy spacesynth song.

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Symphonic Electronica

Through the Angles of Space (UQM remix) 11.11.2003


This was my first remix for the remixing project. This is a re-mixed version of the remix I made back in April - arragment is still the same. I consider this as one of the best remixes I've made. Composed by Kevin Palivec and remixed by Jouni Airaksinen.

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SC2 Hyperspace Lightyears Away 11.02.2006


Arragement & Mixing: Jouni Airaksinen
Composer: Riku Nuottajärvi


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Revontuli 17.11.2005


It has been a while since previous free song. Maybe little bit christmas feeling here.. but it wasn't really the intention in the first place. Enjoy..

Composed & Produced by Jouni Airaksinen (feat. Anne)

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Melodic Trance

Change of Heart (original mix) 05.07.2005


Sort of change of heart here in form of progressive melodic trance. I'm no pro on this genre and probably crossed several cliches ;) CS6x was used for some sounds.

Written and Produced by Jouni Airaksinen.

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Star Orion (Michael Hornproof Remix) 27.06.2005


Remixed by M.Torvinen

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Rocket Blue (Blue Christmas) 23.12.2004


Christmas freebie song. I decided this song is not worthy of my album, so it'll be free for my fans.

Software & Hardware used:
Pro-53, Albino, Poly-850, V-Station, Ravity, Juno-106, CS6x. Samplers and sounfonts.

Composed, Lyrics, Vocals & Produced by Jouni Airaksinen

Blue, the rocket blue, the launch is set for the moon.
Blue, the rocket blue, there is a seat for you too.

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Laser Squad (Mission Recalled) 08.03.2004


This is a remix of Amiga game "Laser Squad" theme music by Matt Furniss (1989). Many thanks for Matt for giving permission to spread this remix freely! Bridge between Spacesynth and Electro-breakbeat. Thanks for Marco Rochowski for sampling the Lore patch from his Korg M1.

9.14   14 12151 plays
New Age

Control the Stars 19.12.2003


Started as a remix however I got so carried away that it became original and more of a inspired song. Maybe little bit enigmatic, but yet melodic, melancholic. Maybe I mix longer version someday.

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Orionesque (Vocoder Mix) 01.02.2004


I made this song completely with Orion's internal synths and effects. Only the drum samples aren't originally part Orion Platinum. Changed Phaser to the new high quality Platinum Phaser (very good analog phaser emulation) in OP5.2. Added some analog FX and Vocoder sequence. Vocoder speech modulator is emulated with Ultran synth and some cutoff/resonance automation to create illusion of more or less random vowels. A bit Jarreish, which you might have guessed from the name already.

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Orionesque (Giana-Brotherz DnB Remix) 06.04.2004


Very fast paced Drum & Bass remix by Giana-Brotherz. The remix has been played also live at one of their parties.

More info about Giana-Brotherz in their webpage www.giana-brotherz.com

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Lost in Space 06.07.2003


Okay, I talk about composing 80's synthesizer music in fresh modern way.. except I don't have any spacesynth here. So this song shall open the bank. :) Many thanks goes to Marco Rochowski for sending me the superb Juno-106 bass SoundFont and the great Linndrum kick and snare samples. So, turn up the volume, relax (or dance your heart off, whatever like better) and feel yourself Lost in Space!
[Top-40 #31, week 29/2003]

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Orionesque (Faceless Remix) 03.12.2005


Remix by Calvin "Faceless" Cutts.

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SC2. Hyperspace (Electro Remix) 27.10.2002


Hyperspace trip with eletrobeat. Remix of Accolade's Star Control 2 game Hyperspace soundtrack. Original is 4-channel module composed by Riku Nuottajärvi. Big thanks to him for creating such a great song. It was pleasure to remix this!
Now at OverClocked Remix http://remix.overclock...
[Over 800 downloads! 26th Dec 2003]

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Symphonic Electronica

Wizardry 29.09.2002


This is remix of Mike Alsop's C-64 tune Wizardry. Can also be found from remix.kwed.org (rated 71%/43 votes; 1236 downloads) and from remix.overclocked.org. Original: C-64 Mike Alsop, 1983

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Waves of Symphony 02.10.2002


On one beatuful day I generated with WaveLab few building blocks which are the base of all analogsounds. Clear sine-, square- and saw-waves not to forget the noise samples. With some help of MadTracker 2 this song was born. My song to Assembly '02 instrumentalcompo.

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Waves of Symphony (C-64 remix) 02.10.2002


Pure C-64 music; means the original format is SID. God I love these sounds!

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Industrial Metal

Property of the Crimson Corporation 11.11.2003


Must say this song was made in a real hurry on the release day. I had started the remix earlier, but the song really got it's form in a couple of hours.. Phew. Quite much Doom-feeling in this one. Not very typical from me, so please take some time to listen and comment :)
Composed by Dan Nicholson and remixed by Jouni Airaksinen.

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