Forced To Separate


Our first ''demo'', recorded in three days on January 2013. Really our first progressive song, there will be more possibly at end of the year. This will do till that. :) Please leave comments and constructive criticism, starting band like us will need it! Link to our Facebook page here:

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They are coming for me, I'll have to fight for my land, I never wanted to leave, but that moment is at hand... I'll say farewell, you may not see me again, world is cruel, full of suffer. Wondering will I return to home? Black grounded battlefield, upcoming danger's near, minds poisoned with the fear, you can't deny it, war is here...

Endless silence makes fear grow so fast, I keep thinking how long we can last, we can only wait now at this rate, there's so many forced to separate.

Silence breaks, fight awaits, there's no turning back now, all the time on your guard, every shot closer now...
There's no faith, no escape, death or glory awaits, fight for life and death, blood painting black ground red.

Captured like a pray from hunters trap, our mistake their successful attack, they're taking us away no idea where, all I know I'm taken far from here...

I've been sitting here for many days, no food or water or hope for escape, clocks are ticking slowly forward, time is going to end. Dying inside flying far away... I've had enough this endless waiting, let me out I cannot stand it anymore. I decided it's not my time yet, I'll survive from here. I'm no longer forced to separate!


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Andrew Dunord 04.03.2013
Tarkkuutta peliin..Muutama pointti: kannattaa tarkistaa kielellisen ilmaisun korrektius (niin kielioppi kuin ääntäminenkin) ennen purkittamista -etenkin, jos mielii tehä settiä vieraalla kielellä. Suhteellisen suoraviivainen biisi. Not too prog imo. Mutta eka kerta - vähä jännittää. I've been there too. Ei muuta kuin lisää biisejä ja reeniä vitusti! Työn iloa.
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Refu-G 01.02.2013 on sosiaalisen verkostoitumisen sivusto on suunniteltu tuomaan kaikki uudet kuumimmat bändit ja musiikin taiteilijoita yhteen Suomessa. Julkaise musiikkivideot näkyä samalla yhdistää ja saada uusia kavereita käyttämällä MunSoundi sosiaalinen verkosto. Thank me later..)
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Naappo 15.01.2013
Aiva perkeleen hyvä!
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