MERIKASTANJA - Throne 28.10.2008


having only a guitar an a voice like a retard's

10   0 408 kuuntelua

MERIKASTANJA - Soil 28.10.2008


i think about de soil how it is soft and moist feels great in your fingers who wouldn't want to become soil after living for a while?

10   0 387 kuuntelua

MERIKASTANJA - Paviljong 28.10.2008


this is a likkle story presenting a summertime inna paviljon with friends with foods a story containing also solo cruising inna lake using a pink floating armchair

8   0 327 kuuntelua

MERIKASTANJA - Mexibro 28.10.2008


i-troll knows turtles might travel for twenty years before they hit de spot they once begun their travelling

10   0 372 kuuntelua

MERIKASTANJA - Tranquility 28.10.2008


dont contaminate di air wid your phrases
tranquility tranquility

7   0 336 kuuntelua

MERIKASTANJA - Hooka-hei 28.06.2006


come find di Orange an keep it in your heart never let go of this new beautiful art

10   1 1219 kuuntelua

MERIKASTANJA - Transport 28.06.2006


de wind of going somwhere else an coming back again

10   0 743 kuuntelua

MERIKASTANJA - Postsong 28.06.2006


postal sorting department is de post of i-troll inna di hall of de so called heavy post oh it is a heavy post but this troll enjoys throwing things so this suits me de most

9.67   1 845 kuuntelua

MERIKASTANJA - To the Sun 28.06.2006


when playfully i knock your beak you blow warm steam to my face

7.5   0 550 kuuntelua

MERIKASTANJA - Trains 28.06.2006


have you ever been on a platform watching de trains go by? without a ticket in your pocket with no purpose of going anywhere? while others are rushing about while one train is slowly arriving and di other setting off from Helsinki to St. Petersburg

10   0 547 kuuntelua

MERIKASTANJA - Silverado 28.06.2006


really you need no locks or knots or what will ever block de free flow let it run let de wind blow de clouds away an when you raise your head an look up to de sky your eyes are bright an clear an they just go bling bling bling

7   0 546 kuuntelua

MERIKASTANJA - Távl 28.06.2006


today we're just gonna play board games till de Sun turns orange an windmills an cypresses drop long shadows fishermen are gone an pelicans they already sleep we have to fold de board we never get bored of games

10   0 571 kuuntelua
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