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Miira&SyvisE | 18.09.2017 | Pop

Sävel & sanat: Miira
Sovitus & miksaus: SyvisEntertainment
Laulu: Miira & Syvis

"Till Meat Do Us Part" trilogian päätös biisi, jossa vaimo on saanut kyllikseen grillilbileistä karibialla ja puolisot alkavat jo kaipailemaan toisiaan. Jonkinlainen kompromissi ruokavalioonkin alkaa hahmottua. 60-luvun vivahteita musiikissa, ja tietysti pari kärähtänyttä kanansiipeä.

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Kappaleen sanat

I’m calling you from far away because I am missing you
hey babe, I want to come back home
I have been so difficult for a wife that is true
hey babe, without you I feel alone

Will you take me back if I take the morning flight
I’ve got rum and coconuts I know you’d really like

Hey good looking, I even miss your cooking
I don’t want to be apart no more
I want to share with you the sun rise,
and fall asleep in your arms
without you there’s nothing worth fighting for

I have waited for your call because I am missing you
hey babe, won’t you come back home
I know I’ve been difficult for a husband that is true
hey babe, without you I feel alone

I will be here waiting if you catch the morning flight
I don’t want to sleep alone, not even one more night

Hey goodlooking…

Can we forget all this and create something new
I will be considerate to your point of view
I will try to eat what ever you’ll throw on my plate
even burned out chicken wings I no longer debate


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