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Heavy Metal

Condemno 12.08.2005


2002 All music and lyrics by Akiim, Knoll & Nuitar

- Condemno -

Don´t you dare speak to me.
Even try. It´s a goddamn lie.
In my head I see you dead.
Soaked in blood. Floor painted red.
Choke. Would you just choke.

You betrayed the trust. The birth of blood lust.
Quisling deserves no rights.
Bring me the one who killed his son.
Profanation said. Aim for the neck.
I´ll cut that smiling pig head clean off.
Would you just choke motherfucker.

No one will care. No one will cry.
No one will ask why you weren´t spared.
Just another victim bodypierced with drill.
An immersed corpse somewhere...

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Heavy Metal

Rebellis 29.07.2004


2002 All music & lyrics by Knoll & Akiim

- Rebellis -

I insane (insane). I inflicting you the pain (the pain).
Consuming your wall of stern, of quell.
Without it you fear the strenght of ours, the loss of control.

Loose the faith. A faith.
It´s far too late to turn ´n´ try, so save something now.
To die. To cry for a dying world of greed and hate,
is a pointless waste of pain. But it´s already gone too far.

So proud. So blind. So much to sacrifice.
It´s said it´s sacred. It´s yours and mine to love, respect ´n´ praise.
Protect and take all its wounds like yours.
I say let ´em...

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Heavy Metal

Desertus 12.08.2005


2002 All music and lyrics by Akiim, Knoll & Nuitar

- Desertus -

Where have you been?
Anymore, I can´t keep breathing.
Where have you been?
It feels still like I´m drowning.
It ain´t far.
Don´t you remember who we were?
It ain´t far.
Just reach beneath the surface.

You used to beleave.
Said, it´s our faith. Asked, can´t you see?
You used to beleave.
I trusted our dream. It should be (real).
Whispers aching ears.
Betrayal, unknown of the fears.
Whispers aching ears.
This moment feels like years.

Will you come back from under the rain?
Will you give up? We´ll wash off the...

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