Black Metal

Deep Places of the Earth 06.06.2011


Out of the Dark Years
From the Deep Places of the Earth
Where the Old Things dwell
Older than this World

The Drums of Doom
Drums in the Deep
The Dwellers in the Deep
Deep Places of the Earth

Forgotten, yet still gnawing
Gnashing in the cold Darkness
Envying the Light and the Warmth
Of those above

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Black Metal

His Funeral 11.11.2010


Willingly ignored, the ancestral shine
Never time for the old paternal line
When the old man dies, he dies alone
Suffocating in the dead of the night

Father of the fathers of all time
Dying with no one by his side
Suffering is ceased for the deceased
Ashes now, only ashes in sight

Life is so short, but art so long
To come to grips with the loss
Not a word spoken rings true
His Funeral a farce without smiles

His Funeral...

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Black Metal

Freezing In Hell 24.04.2008


Something moves upon the ice
Shadows lost in the darkness
Some word echoes all the lies
Gallows high in the darkness

Freezing in hell...

A cold wind within myself embraces
All the things all around me
In this eternal black void
I was born this way, freezing in hell

Somehow my grave is where I am
Where I died, where I lie
Unmarked and unremembered
Here I died, here I lie

7   0 291 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Returning Winds of Darkness 01.02.2008


Returning winds howling in the dark
A crude path to the ancient mountain
Effigies corroded by the long winds
Upon a path to the doomclad mountain

So long ago the snow turned black
The sky so grey upon the temple black
The memory of the dark age still lives
In the dark paths of the unquiet dead

Screams of the ancient suffering
May be heard upon the mountainside
Shadows of the ancient darkness
Cast upon the people still living

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Black Metal

The Long Winter of Melancholy 09.05.2006



Darkness, silence, and loneliness
Hopeless, dreamless, in emptiness
Nothing, nowhere, for nobody
Leaving, departing, sleeping forever
Darkness, silence, and loneliness
Hopeless, dreamless, in emptiness

The winter of melancholy and pain
Blood drips from the open vein
Shall this torment ever go away?
Will the winter forever hold sway?

Born to a fate unconquerable
Born to a life of living death
Beneath the cold starless sky
In a bare land of eternal woe

7   2 411 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Mist in the Ravine 17.03.2006


Cremated by the fire of the godly ones
His spirit languishes still in this void
Between this world and the perdition
Ages gone, forgotten, the spirit lingers
Like unto a mist in the ravine
Like unto the crevice in stone
Black and unyelding existence
Like unto a mist in the ravine...
Of evil deeds in evil times
Those times have never left us
Here the evil wind blows no good
And worst shall comes to the worst

8   2 477 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Through the Shadows of the Past 10.11.2005


The cold that hangs heavy in the grey spring sky
penetrates into the bones of the wanderer
whose spirit has died long dreary years ago
but whose body moves as if it were alive

Ever and anon the wanderer lives through the pain
in the corner of now forgotten burning times
Ever and anon the wanderer dreams in vain
a release from the black aboninable crimes

Through the shadows of the past...
Through the shadows of the past...
Through the shadows of the past...
A faint vision in the mist

A fog that encompasses the existence
A dream that shall never come to an end
Passing through the earthen...

9.5   2 432 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Intro 11.09.2004


'From old aeons I have lain asleep
once to breathe again...'

-   0 324 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Dark Woods of Doom 11.09.2004


Lay the First: "Dark Woods of Doom"

In ancient years so very long ago
In the moonless nights of ghouls
I wandered where dark trees grow
upon the frost of lost souls
The high firs reaching for me
In the winter that I shall forever see
And shadows dance all around me
And daylight is too dim to see

Ages pass, blood & black magic
Where the damned spirits mourn
In the winds so cold
Their knowledge so old
They dream to me, the buried ones
In the circle of blackened stones
Their tale of dreary damnation
Revealed in the flicker of the pyre

My steps take me further
Into the cold black eternal...

7.67   2 555 kuuntelua
Black Metal

From the Lost Years 11.09.2004


Lay the Second: "From The Lost Years"

Hear the cold breeze that whispers
From the lost years
In the dark lightless morning
Distilling grim fears
The ancient wail that sweeps the vastlands
Is a mournsong from forgotten times
The long sadness of distant lost lives
Passed away in bloody wars and sacrifice

Dark cults that now are unremembered
Worshipping the Goat at a bloodstained altar
Their victims dreadful chilling wails
Still heard in the cold wintry winds

In the witchlands of the furthermost north
The mighty Horned One was praised
Sodom and Gomorrah always in their hearts
the unholy...

5   0 428 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Breath of Old Pagan Earth 11.09.2004


Lay the Third: "Breath Of Old Pagan Earth"

Deep the valley of darkness where I lie
Enshrouded by the roots of the mighty woods
Above me the cold freezing winds cry
Below the breath of old pagan earth
Shadows dance upon the snow of years
Where the wintry fullmoon wanders

Still remembering the ancient whispers
Of dark worship and spilled blood

Here only black trees stand twisted
In circles of death and memory of pain
Here only dark stones cast shadows
In circles of death and memory of pain

So long ago my blood ran steaming
In the misty torchlit winternight
So long ago my body rotted away...

7   0 457 kuuntelua
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