Plans | 12.11.2009 | Folk

RUTH MARIE (Mark Kozelek Cover)

I grew so old
In that house I lived in
They brought me here
\'Cause I can\'t take care

I lost my worth
And my purpose here
I feel you cry
But I can\'t speak my mind

Will you hold me
And never let me go
\'Cause I hate it when you walk outside that door
\'Cause I know I won\'t ever see your eyes
The eyes I gave you

When my eyes shut
They\'ll take me to the land
For fifty years I lived there with my man
And on my own I lived for fortie more
I watched you grow up
From babies on the floor

To the beautiful women that you are
And I hated that you\'ve gone away so far
Cause I know I won\'t ever see those eyes
The eyes I gave you

The evenings fall
They\'ll drag me out the hall
Up to my bunk and drug me \'til I\'m numb
But pass the haze
I see your pretty face
Remember me when I\'m gone

You know I love you
Though I can hardly say
And I hate it when you see me in this way
But in darkness
I\'ll always see those eyes
The eyes I gave you

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