New York

Polonium | 22.12.2016 | Alternative Rock
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Brother brother will you give me a dime That's the way you stay alive
It's so easy you agree After you have prayed on your knees There is that decline in crime Who could think the city is going to hell
Queens and Bronx are rising again Who is going to take that I'm not gonna tell

Teenaged pusher has something for you That's when you need something new
Public school still remains the same One million students are receiding again
Police car in every curve It takes only seconds to catch the thief
It's no wonder you have the nerve to take a walk in the park and in the peace

New York New York It's a hell of a town
New York New York No ghost town after dark
New York New York was always such a tough town
New York New York it's good it's decent town

Mayor said that it's alright to have that guardian angel
If you have that sad fate Remember fathers' sins
Let they have that increased force I don't want to face that noise of streets
There is poverty but what for
There is no money and no way to live


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