No more wasting myspace

Retardis 3.1 | 10.06.2010 | Alternative Rap
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1. Säk:
Yeah, Oh yeah, Muthafuk, Dipshit, Bikestealer,
Don't you have a life, at least an ugly wife
You goddamn wussy, never seen a pussy
The game you're playing, is just away running

I'm the badass boss, you're nothing
I take care of everything, you do nothing
Why don't you quit, you ugly fucker
Now doing my stuff, so piss OFF!

2. Säk:
Yeah, Oh Yeah, Holy shit, Blessed be, Rest in pieces
Hey where's my money, what's so fucking funny
Try to go ahead, find a bullet in your head

I'm the badass boss...

3. Säk:
Yeah, Oh Yeah, Outlaw, Corruption, Drug deals
Finally your last case, no more wasting my space

Kertsi x2:
I'm the badass boss...

You mothafuk! I'm gonna rip your head off!
And play basketball with it! You fuck!
You sick fuck! You disgust me! Fuck off!


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