What I`ve Become

Strained | 22.02.2010 | Melodic Death

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1. Verse:

All the work is done and everything is gone
I lost my soul I wasn`t worth it anymore
You were my light guiding me in the night
I lost you too I was a fool

I broke everything we had, now I feel so sad
I wore my mask though that we could last
I never ment to work I wanted this to work
I`ve lost the fame I`m standing here calling your name


Look at my hands and see what they`ve done
Take a look at me and realize what I´ve become

2. Verse:

It starts to burn it`s too late to turn
I can feel the flames and hear all the blames
I want to hold you tight this feels so right
At the end of my life I pray the sun to shine one more time


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