The Adversary

Supreme Court | 14.05.2005 | Heavy Metal

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The Adversary:

Do you remember when you woke up in a puddle of piss
heart skipping beats, a week disappeared
and you wanted to blame it on someone
the one who bought the drinks, who told the jokes or the one who let you in
but the blame is none of theirs
it was only you and your eternal best friend

most beautiful
most deceitful
most friendly
most deadly

ever present behind your back
ever smiling, ever charming
once struck down, still victorious
say it...The Adversary

Do you remember when your friend woke up in a puddle of blood
with broken knuckles and a broken face
and you wanted to blame it all on yourself
you were the one who provoked, who laughed; the one who made him do it
but the blame is not only yours
it was only you and your eternal best friend

All the doors will be opened / all you’ll have to do is just to step in
just tilt you head quickly / and you’ll see a glimpse of a shadow
just wait a moment in silence and you’ll feel the burned wings embrace you


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Stoned Ghoul 14.08.2005
Vahva meininki. Raskasta on. Hyvää soittoa. Hienoja riffejä. Ugh.
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