Cold Long Winter

Syvis & Friends | 24.11.2015 | Ballad

This song now finally in English with a real vocalist and the 2015 mix. A story about cold winter in a relationship and the guilt caused by it. Inspired partly also by the movie March Of The Penguins and the fate of the lost penguin.

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Cold Long Winter (2009)

Months so long after Christmas
gone without a trace
I'm desperately trying to recall
how it felt the human skin
in your embrace
within the presence on your face.

There's a difference with you or without you
there is foreplay or lonely coo
there is pleasure but no reward
there is tenderness or feeling bored
shake the hand of cold long winter.

Burden on my slumped shoulders
things that made you turn
your picture looks back at me with contempt
insensitive filthy mind
thirst, shame and guilt burn
condemn my crime is to yearn.

There's a difference...

There's a difference...

In the twilight of a frozen sea desert infinity
can't forget what once was part of me
filling the basic need, a human seed, a mouth to feed.

There's a difference...


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