Demo Valeuutinen on Vaarallinen / A Little Knowledge (Is a Dangerous Thing)


Demo of Tower Of Power song "A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing" with Finnish words.

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ID: LPL181821
Artist: Maksa
Title: Valeuutinen on vaaralline
Format: 1,000 Interactive Audio Streams
Date: September, 2019

441696 A Little Knowledge (Is a Dangerous
By Emilio Castillo, Dana Meyers, Nick Milo, and Zeke Zirngiebel

Copyright Bob-A-Lew Songs o/b/o Zcreatures Music,
Bob-A-Lew Songs o/b/o Arikat Music, Bob-A-Lew
Songs, and Bob-A-Lew Songs o/b/o Milomon Music
– administered by Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

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digius 16.09.2019
Upeeta, mahtava meno! Ja lisäksi vaarallinen, nimittäin sattaapi olla ns. korvamato. :-)
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