16 April 2009

The new album, Posthumanism, was released for free and is downloadable here: If you're in north Finland, come see our gig with Fatal Sound Project in Oulu at Club Lupi on 12 June!

2 March 2009

The first vocal recording session has concluded and 7 songs were recorded. The next session will be held in mid-March, and the aim is to finish the remaining 4 songs.

6 January 2009

It's once again that time of the year! I'll start recording the final guitars and bass for the next album today, and at the same time I'll tab out the songs. This will take about a week I believe, after which I'll start writing the lyrics for the songs.

Industrial Metal

Oceans of Steel (Demo) 02.08.2014


Tulevan levyn kokonainen demobiisi! Raisua meininkiä...

-   0 100 plays
Industrial Metal

Mechanicide 27.07.2014


Uuden elektrometallilevyn, The Occlusion, alkupään mehevä DnB goes metal kipale. Pelaa samalla Carmageddonia, niin pääset tunnelmaan.

-   0 91 plays
Industrial Metal

Below Radar 27.07.2014


Uuden elektrometallilevyn, The Occlusion, materiaalia energisestä maailmasta jään alla.

-   0 78 plays
Industrial Metal

Neurovirus 07.04.2012


Uuden levyn kakkosbiisi, reipasta menoa elektroniikan kera

9.33   1 188 plays
Industrial Metal

Unveiling the Future 07.04.2012


Uuden levyn loppupäästä energinen d-beat-elektroniikkapommi.

9   0 175 plays
Heavy Metal

Destined to Fall (Edit) 13.03.2009


Tulevan levyn kolmosbiisi. Hiukan hitaampaa kuin pääosa biiseistä ja melodiaa löytyy karskin meiningin seasta.

9.5   2 511 plays
Industrial Metal

Transcendence 18.04.2009


Reipasta meininkiä uudelta levyltä.

8.33   0 490 plays
Industrial Metal

Posthumanism 18.04.2009


Tuliterän levyn avauskappale. Nopeaa meininkiä, elektroniikkaa ja kikkakitaroita.

8.33   0 455 plays
Industrial Metal

The Wolves 18.04.2009


Uuden levyn viides biisi. Mehevää menoa.

7.67   0 369 plays
Industrial Metal

Shedding the Flesh 18.04.2009


Levyn päätöskappale. Nopeaa ja futuristista!

8.33   0 323 plays
Industrial Metal

Afterworld 18.04.2009


Lisää menoa. Uuden levyn loppupäässä oleva tiukka pamaus.

8.33   0 332 plays
Industrial Metal

Biodroid Legions 06.03.2008


The second song off the new album. Grooving drive and twisted melodies.

8.67   0 555 plays
Industrial Metal

Exile Within 06.03.2008


The penultimate song goes in a bit more progressive-ish style.

9.2   0 521 plays
Industrial Metal

Shadow Shapes 06.03.2008


The fourth song off the new album evens out the haste a bit -- NOT! More speed :)

9.2   1 521 plays
Industrial Metal

Evolutionary Project 05.09.2007


The first "single" from the album Wasteland (2007). It's quite groovy and heavy with some nice dark passages here and there.

All music, lyrics and arrangements by Juha Untinen

Guest vocals by Kraken

10   1 730 plays
Industrial Metal

Impulse 05.09.2007


A faster and more black metalish track from the album Wasteland (2007).

All music, lyrics and arrangements by Juha Untinen

Guest vocals by Kraken

10   0 584 plays
Industrial Metal

The Institution 04.05.2006


The first track off the album Conclusion (2006). A bit more driving and straightforward song.

All music, lyrics and arrangements by Juha Untinen

9.2   2 1023 plays
Heavy Metal

Mind Awakening 16.04.2006


The fourth song off the album Conclusion (2006). A bit more melodic and a little bit in the vein of Moontower by Dan Swanö.

All music, lyrics and arrangements by Juha Untinen

9.33   0 822 plays
Industrial Metal

Asphyxiation (instr.) 05.03.2005


The second track off the EP Asphyxiation (2005). A bit progressive and with a grooving melody.

All music, lyrics and arrangements by Juha Untinen

8.5   13 2671 plays
Industrial Metal

Humid Skies of Darkness (instr.) 06.02.2005


The first track off the EP Asphyxiation (2005). A little bit more black metalish and heavier.

All music, lyrics and arrangements by Juha Untinen

8.4   15 2700 plays
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