Riot Now!

Zarthas | 02.11.2017 | Alternative Metal

From album Reflections (2017)


Tear down the tyrant
There ain´t no boundaries
But the one we built
So fuck the guilt and crash that fucker down

Down down to ashes
Beings down, down underneath:
Get up and unite
Raise your fists and shout it out: Riot now!

They know just who they represent
And they know how bad they failed
We´ve built the monster
Now it´s time to kill the beast
So join the fucking riot now!

Night, sparking in the streets becoming flames
Rage escalating
Fuck you, it´s a revolution
Tear that fucker down
Down down all the way
Like the Wall of Berlin
Brick by brick and stone by stone

Yeah, gimme a fucking riot

10.00   418 kuuntelua


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aarof 08.08.2018
Hyvä melodinen kertsi. Hyvä kitarasovitus. Hyvä kokonaisuus. Lordimainen (en tiedä onko hyvä vai paha). Hyvä meno ja meininki. Hyvät osiot.
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