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Video marketing

Video marketing is a challenging new customer appeal. While people like video - research shows that potential customers are more likely to watch videos instead of reading large amounts of text online - you need to create the video in the right way and include the right message to build your audience and turn potential customers into paying customers. According to Cisco, by 2017, consumer video traffic will reach 69% of global Internet traffic, up from the current 57%.

Here are some other ideas you should consider when developing your wholesale makeup video marketing strategy.

As short as possible

While in theory you can make videos of any length, few people watch patiently for hours of video, especially if the video was created by an unknown brand. In fact, less than two minutes of video accounted for about 50% of all video views. The shorter the video, the more likely it is to get a view.

Depending on the theme, it may not be possible to make a video that is only one or two minutes. However, you should always try to keep the video as short as possible to attract the attention of your customers and have them come back to watch more videos.

Set up a dedicated channel

To increase viewer credibility, you should create a video channel for your brand. Setting up a channel on YouTube is easy; just select a username, create a creature and upload a cover photo. Use your brand name as your username to associate your YouTube channel with your brand and use the logo as a cover photo. You can also show one of your videos on your channel to play it when users view your YouTube page.

Provide useful content

In most cases, your video should not sound like a commercial. Instead, ask a question first, let the audience always consider attracting their attention and then use the rest of the video to answer the question. If you prefer, you can make a short (10 second or shorter) announcement between the introduction and the content, explaining who you are and what you did; otherwise, focus on the customer’s needs instead of letting People buy from your brand.

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