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Wedding homemade creative candy box teaches you how to make a candy box

Of course, you should prepare a special wedding candy box for your wedding. If the box is made by the couple themselves, your friends and relatives will be happy to receive it. Here's a recipe for a homemade candy box.

Wedding homemade creative candy box teaches you how to make a candy box

Before giving you the details of how to make your own candy, take a look at this creative candy box. Candy type if appearance looks very too sweet, also can saying is a symbol of new life in the future like candy, sweet as joyful joyful candy box, relatives and friends will together to share such a sweet. Let's take a look at the detailed production steps.

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Wedding homemade creative candy box step 1

Cut a width is 20 cm square paper and a little 0.2 ~ 0.5 square wrapping paper, paper color can choose bright and lovely, also can choose red festive, along with the new preferences. It is suggested that the quality of the paper should be a little harder to make the candy box. First, fold the paper into a square box with no cover.

Get married and make your own creative candy box step 2

Put aside the folded box. The next step is to learn about the big box, fold the square paper in half at opposite angles, one of which is fixed with glue (see figure).

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