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News from the official homepage site


New official homepages are released!



New songs are mixed and mastering is also done, the song listfor the demo "Words of Repentant" is:

1. Here's to You 2. Worth of Taking, 3. Another Me

Demo will be send to various review magazines/sites. Reviews will be put to the "Discography" page next to the releases. Older releases can also be found from the same place


New webpages are ready, hope you like these...



-Pictures for a new demo were taken last weekend in Mikkeli

-Demo will be released sometime in the future with 3 songs: Worth of Taking, Another Me, and a one new song

-Webpages are also under construction



New songs: "Yöksi tähän jään", Nemo Nisi Mors", "Throught the Stone", "Viekää pois" & "Worth of Taking" can be downloaded from: http://www.mikseri.net/sipher

Quality is mp3 160kb



Reviews can be found for album Remedy:

http://www.barikada.com (Serbia & Montenegro)

http://www.noise.fi (Finland)

http://www.21stcenturymetal.net (Germany)

Rockunited.com (Finland)



New release will be out in November 2004:

Remedy: Rest, Black Tear and Fallen



Reviews can be found for albums:


Multum in Parvo (Poland)

Noise (Finland)

21st Century Metal (Germany)

Rockunited (Finland)

Deadtide (USA)

Metaljudgement (USA)

"Demo 2004":

Noise (Finland)

Imperiumi (Finland)



CD-covers are made. Our next step is to send the newmaterial to different review boards. Links to the reviews will be added here as soon as we get them. New material is under construction already...



Four new songs are mixed and ready to kick ass !

Red Thorns, Desert Wind, Second God, Day is Broken


February 2004

Sipher - Demo 2004 is released



Playing of cover songs and creating of first Sipher songs

Kirjoitettu Friday 30.09.2005


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