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The Decapitated Midgets - 30 Ways To Die

The Decapitated Midgets - 30 Ways To Die

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The Decapitated Midgets

30 Ways To Die


Maggots Devouring Your Innards 01:38
Compressive Asphyxia 00:46
Lethal Liver Failure 01:08
Splattered in a Car Crash 01:05
Pathologist Slices Your Festering Corpse During Your Very Own Autopsy 01:15
Explosive Menstruation 00:58
Boiled Alive in Your Own Piss 00:43
Brainburger with Slashed Fingers 00:40
Kidney Tumour, Bloody Piss and Death 00:18
Kidnapped, Killed, Gutted and Cooked 00:44
Executed in the Electric Chair... The Smell of Flesh 00:32
Fermented Bile Cocktail 01:18
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia 01:51
Unexpected Brain Haemorrhage 00:16
Seven Days 00:26
Slowly Sliced with a Dull Blade 01:54
Dramatic Decapitation and Gore Shower 02:12
Malignant Neoplasm 01:02
Forced Giblet Gurgling 01:01
Bloody Rectum/Bloody Diorrhea 02:13
Human Haggis 00:53
Human Head on a Cannibal's Plate 00:25
Cannibalized in a Big City 01:39
Gore-Tex Killer 01:17
Guts in Tea 00:48
Mutilated in the Toilet 01:12
Hang Himself with His Own Veins 01:25
Blowing Implants 00:05
Eaten Alive by the Rats in the Sewers 02:10
Fallen from the 34th Floor, Splattered to the Ground 00:17

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