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Melodic metal band ARKADIA was founded in the year 2003 in Alavus, Finland. Over 40 gigs, a hundred songs and seven self-released records have been added to the resume of the band since then. The distinctive alliance of melody, energy and melancholy that has labeled the band’s material since its founding year 2003 can be heard in the two tracks of the latest demo of the band, Tailwind and Parenthesis of Life.

Already the previous three demos of the band, Circle of Distress, released in 2007, A Drop for the Past, released in 2009, and Vindication for the Lost, released in 2010, aroused interest in metal audience and media. The releases were characterized for example with the following words:

”Equipped with an astonishing production and skilled musicians, A Drop For The Last, presents strong and expressive harmonies and profound chunky riffs, solos, and atmospheric keyboards which straddle the coldness of Finnish Metal.”
(Metal Express, of A Drop for the Past)

”Rather than being slick and streamlined, the sound is loud and raw and particularly benefits from such a style; the songs' catchiness lies in the powerful rhythm of its chorus, and the way the melody comes out somewhat ‘forced' … I think the band is worthy of being signed to a label.”
(The Metal Observer, of Circle of Distress)

These records allowed the band to tour gig places all over the country. However, this is just the beginning – we wish that our latest release would encourage even more people to hear our music and that we could throw gigs at new locations in Finland and abroad. Our dream and goal that will be reached within the next couple of years is to release a full album.


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