Empty shell 08.05.2005


Dark Ballad that takes you to the heart of darkness just to find a bit of hope in there.

Comment from another page about Empty shell:

"Wow, what a beautiful tune. the guitar playing and mix are absolutely perfect, gorgeously dreamy, It drags you right in. All around great musicianship, especially the heavy change and solo, Nice work!! The voice is great too sounds like a madman reaching his end, very believable. Production is great too, you can hear everything right where you need to hear it. An all around fantastic job, A sure keeper. Super original too, what a breath of fresh this song...

8.6   109 12455 plays
Love Metal

Sweet misery 08.05.2005


Mixed and mastered by Jussi "Randor Tunkkari.

8.52   39 4184 plays
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