Antigravity | 15.03.2006 | Progressive Rock

Progressiivista(?) rokkia(?) vuonna 2005 tehdyltä Oneironaut-EP:ltä.

Parista soinnusta paisunut melodinen rytmi-iloittelu.... ;D

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Chapter II: Mourning

It was already late September and the ground was icy. This fall was something I will remember forever. On that particular morning, clouds hung low. It seemed that they almost demanded something or someone. …I felt the shadows moving near me. She was still here. Still here…

Misty Morning
Its passing by
Leaves are falling,
Last goodbye?

Misty Morning,
Watching over you,
Tears of Mourning
Years of Mourning

Feel Shadows moving,
You can not hide
From life that you called yours,
You couldn´t hide

She gave herself needles to find her way Only she didn´t listen to what other people said She woke up with Mr. Morning And they were driving too fast

Mr. Morning,
He behind the wheel
Without warning,
He made you feel.

Shadow of yourself
The endless chase,
Final warning,
You are far from Grace.

I saw her once more, She was so different… She no longer sounded worried, the way she had for a while, about what she was going to do next. She sounded a way I hadn´t heard her before. She sounded calm. She had found her salvation, she had found her dreams.

Feel Shadows moving,
You can not hide
From life that you called yours,
You lost your life,
You couldn´t die.

Help me ease the pain, what was clear is now insane.
A shadow from the grave. Chained me like a slave.

You couldn´t die.


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Alussa biisi tuntui hyvin pitkälti tylsältä ja kauhean laimealta... Mutta onneksi keskellä biisiä tuli torvi soolo joka on mahtava asia ja biisi sai sellaisia vähän erilaisia kohtia joka toi lisää mielenkiintoa asiaan... Loistava meno...!
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Rawkus 25.12.2006
Mielenkiintoinen biisi tämäkin. Oikein oivallisesti yhdistelty progee rockia ja ripaus jazz maisuutta.
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