Spekander-the 7th passenger 11.01.2007


anustik/worrywomb/electronic sketch music/wind of blowing/so waist your life/waist down chimney attachea/chemical gandalf/yond

er/usurper/convulseautomat/samotaph/yellow worms/ingestion/saliva/valium cooler/valium cooks/seven operations per minute/combin

g cell storage/the comb baby factory below/raising kids with kids like raisins on their backs/swollen out of cardial intestines/nurses/purse/space ships are music anustik/hedektor/foinikian hunger...

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THe shrimp room 11.01.2007


. the shrimp womb is located in studio. the studio is located in near future and built for a special quizz-show named “the shrimp room” and the show has millions of viewers all around the pre-apocalypse wasteland that is formerly known as earth. the shows catch is obviously achieving wealth by answering correctly in questions asked by hideous narrators which change after every question so that no special relationship or emotional bondage is possible during the show, because it is filmed live on air. if a competitor answers falsely, he will be tossed into the shrimp room, which...

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Foinikian hunger 11.01.2007


foinikian hunger is a sad story about the inner world of a lonely and very old vampire whose story is located in near east. he lives on a sparsely populated area and for thousands of years ago, the natives built up seventy feet tall warning signs based on root-language so everyone would understand these signs saying “don’t come here, there’s a vampire in the hood”. therefore, strangers do still avoid this area, even if it would take a hundred miles’ plus to their journey. and, as years passed, no-one visited the old vampire which resulted in the vampire being so lonely that he...

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Dangerous 11.01.2007


dangerous gangs have taken control in near future. the streets are obtained by them and curfew starts at four p.m. these gangs battle for power over city-states, for the government has abandoned the slowly sinking ship of a nation and there no longer exists a police force or a military one that would be powered by democracy or a thing called the wages or taxes. these gangs have dressing codes and colours which mean that if you wear something resembling a gangs code, the gang owns you and your body. most of people therefore dress only in underwear, or in cold countries, in animal or human...

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Suspicious header 11.01.2007


suspicious header is a renegade in near future fighting these distasteful, odious and off-putting hordes of smutty gangsters and lowlife that provoke smouldering resentment. he has the suite of every gang but usually wears his own, unmarked and bold style which consists of skin-tight leather and other hard-edged militant clothes that are basically history in near future and therefore a sign of awareness of the past. not many things are known of suspicious header and that is why some reject his mystical appearance. he is wise and undoubtedly very old, still possessing the ability to cut...

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Frightening Changeling 11.01.2007


6. frightening changeling told otto von a. when he was travelling in near east, that he is a changeling. this had a very large effect on otto because he actually was an orphan found at the stairs of an orphanage. as he reached the age of seventeen he discovered in his file a set of photos about a situation of weird operations made in the past. he was confused and burnt the whole orphanage but no-one died. then he ran away from jurisdiction and discovered the underground world where he permanently changed his name as otto von arschharner. no-one knows why it is like that but some...

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Dabul trabul in Kabul 11.01.2007


dabul trabul (is a political) in kabul. in near east tomb raiding and grave molestation is still usual, partly because they still have unfound graves there to dig for. a travel agency named dabultrabul offers routes to thousands of tourists that are willing to try the noble art of grave robbing. “there is a load of diamonds waiting for you!”, says the merchandise. death penalty is put amongst those who are caught gathering treasures around afghan sacred and holy ground. “you’ll be stoned like a single mother in afghanistan!” says the warning sign in front of the numerous...

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The amputation police 11.01.2007


the amputation police is a secret sect of policemen working in secrecy at helsinki-vantaa airport in the near future. the squeaking produced by their training shoes against linoleum floor is nerve-breaking as they at a given moment start to pursue boarding passengers, silently and calmly severing off all limbs available in the passengers’ bodies. it goes like this: they attach a roundish device to major joints which removes the limb from the torso nice and easy, with a smooth click and with no haemorrhage and just a teeny-weeny pinch and light numbness first in the limb, and then around...

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In vaekieh-india 11.01.2007


vaekieh india is a microscopic nation in near east. it is so small it doesn’t show on maps at all. it is a kept secret and those who have seen it never came back, because it was so nice there. actually, though vaekieh india exists geographicallly, you can not find it-it finds you. we have a map of it but it does not show full-scale so even for us it is hard to determine where it actually is. that whixh we know of it is that vaekieh india is also an ability or an attribute, quality and a characteristic of a certain kind, but we although haven’t discovered it yet but the ancient texts...

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deadsing-in the toothpasterivers waters 10.01.2007


Received through ouija-board in 23 sessions throughout the time since otto took his life elsewhere-------------------------------

--------------anustick.worrywomb, chemical misty, utopian analwagon----

----ringside mattresses, maltan deathmachines, escapism_-------------------

darwin weeps, blind as he is, deathrally no user dialogue--------------------

comfort, no introduction isolation no island jeff bridges halo escapism sc

atter rapist.

----------------sorbonne nebula tent paraxysm, severed dermisactual depre

ssion formulas kraut--------------veindock inside oil and...

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kryptonite nite 10.01.2007


kryptonite nite-as kryptonite

started pouring down from the sky, none of us knew what we were sup

posed to do. the snow was pushed aside by that what was haunting us.

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Solemio Ragnaroek 10.01.2007


solemio ragnaroek-did you know that just ordinarily singing a melody

(but in timespace as we all coincide),just hitting the right gap and the

right tune, could collapse whole reality?

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Hallway ocean-the tormented lay on the arcs 10.01.2007


hallway ocean-a pond which is actually a planet

between hallways/hollow ways/always/valves. north pole of the planet

is a sewer and the south pole a fountain.

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air pocket 10.01.2007


into void-this collapsation is

referred as the void but there’s much more to it: this void is inside eve

ry melody and rhythm, it is a smoking reflecting glass, dented and


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daylight god 10.01.2007


daylight god-he who is shiny inside of sky. law of fives-law is

very much like love: it is easy to fall but keeping on a good one is

wholly another aspect.

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film 10.01.2007



about this almost dead gull-which is shotby marines and put to a bu

cket. the gull’s lungs are broken so air hasto be blown into them thro

ugh a vacuum cleaner airpipe, you know they are like broken plastic bags.

an addiction in blowing air to this gull’s lung is developing very fast amo

ng those who do it and battle isgoing to ensue. the bucket is full of this

gull’s blood and it snorls whenair is fed to its lungs. it has its nutrition

by fishfood.nebulator-nebulateseverything which you thought was little

and meaningless.

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Albert 10.01.2007


daylight god’s brother albert-albert is the special boy in

the daylight god family

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mr. despair & mr.despondency 10.01.2007


Otto faces, on his journey, the two lower souls common to each man.
THey look like frozen fluid.

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Digital Hardcore

swampblimp 10.01.2007


Otto has to lie down but notices the soil engulfs him in hundred-year sleep like a dead king he reborns through the desert and becomes fertile afar.

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Nebularl-and the mind is spread across the land 10.01.2007


Nebulates everything you thought was meaningless trivia-dots how they are formed in the roof, fence in what angle,
frying pans outline decency.

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barn aum 10.01.2007


fanatic receivement and slaughtering of colours is opinion.
asked a simple question, do not answer.

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