kryptonite nite

Anustick | 10.01.2007 | --

kryptonite nite-as kryptonite

started pouring down from the sky, none of us knew what we were sup

posed to do. the snow was pushed aside by that what was haunting us.

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Kryptonite nite
bears and weasels
evasels, godspeed and kisses
from up above

the cold sky
cosyire need
perplexuial a launche
I predict

It was a clad of yellow worn METAL
howling red light
cutting trees in a black forest
that was

to erase one's name meant to erase him
make obsolete his memory
all that he made

of how many erased heads in burning piles
imho leding on
and faluimpurity faultingy in
flie-filled are they

as was driver


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