THe shrimp room

Anustick | 11.01.2007 | Illbient

. the shrimp womb is located in studio. the studio is located in near future and built for a special quizz-show named “the shrimp room” and the show has millions of viewers all around the pre-apocalypse wasteland that is formerly known as earth. the shows catch is obviously achieving wealth by answering correctly in questions asked by hideous narrators which change after every question so that no special relationship or emotional bondage is possible during the show, because it is filmed live on air. if a competitor answers falsely, he will be tossed into the shrimp room, which consists of a deep pit filled with living sea-life such as shrimps (contents may vary-once an octopus was found inside the stomach of a competitor picked up afterwards).

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Takuya 11.01.2007
Uskollinen vanhalle mielenkiintoiselle hyvälle tyylille.
Hyvältä kuulostaa. :)
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