Our Blood

ArrorA | 08.12.2010 | Death/Thrash

From demo 2010
All music and lyrics by ArrorA
Mixed and produced by Olli Korpela and ArrorA
Mastered by Michael Enemark

Marko, we own this song for you!

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Kappaleen sanat

Venomous fangs and cunning minds
will penetrate your skin
Hold your breath
it's time to feed you
Drilled and cut for answers
answers, no clear questions
White for the red
Fear the green, my god of wheel

We circle the dead
there's nothing here
walls sealed and locked leaves your voice
that we hear:
"... don't feel anything..."
Roaring crowds have lasted long
hands chained tight
Find your place among us
believe what you see

Everytime I close my eyes
I close the world inside
Cries from tomorrow
are tearing me apart

Our blood
the source of creation
is poured on the road-devastation
We form and cast the shadow
where we rise from
You have survived
too many times!

Behind your closed eyes
hate arises and faith dies
Let the fury purge the way
This kingdom is here to stay!


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