Death Metal

Crow's Bridge 05.11.2016


a murder of crows blackens the sky as if messengers
of charnel winds from the North and horrors marching forth
dark legendries once whispered in the halls
unravel themselves before us now
the wings of doom have come unfurled

the watch of the moon, the scream of the dead
thus hath spoken the severed head

hear them sing

this madness has led us all down a broken path
a desperate call to arms has nourished the grapes of wrath
the gates of heaven firmly shut, behold son
alas, the realms of men reduced into carrion and ash

the sky is choked with dust and smoke and omens promiseth ill

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Death Metal

Graveyards Shiver 03.11.2013


when darkness has fallen and yards echo black
I pass through the monastery gates
in the tracks of grim secrets so ancient and preciously kept
this night shall breathe life to this sanctum of death

with every step of the way I feel my heart pound faster, could it be true?
the unholy transcriptions preaching of the dead again walking the Earth
kneeling before the graves of old, the grimoire revealed from 'neath the cloak
I cite the words forbidden and feel how something now stirs the dirt

six feet under never seemed so shallow
the ominous spell now corrupting all hallows
a thousand...

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Death Metal

Nightmare Incarnate 03.11.2013


spit out from inferno
a nameless horror, vile
now in flesh before our very eyes
an archetype of plight

star-spawn of madness
through endless aeons strides
our puny existence hanging by a thread
as the Colossus Earth defiles

soon to meet our maker
like lambs to the slaughter in wait
congregated prayers all in vain
we are but moments away

voracious blackness sweeping
the streets now painted red
impervious to blade or flame
the end hath come, we witness Hell today

no force divine shall thwart this tide of apocalypse

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Spheres Of Dimethyltryptamine 10.01.2011


throne of lunacy and cosmic terror I now summon thee
hear my pledge of allegiance to thy unholy trinity

I'm now trapped in this psychedelic nightmare without a way out
calling the storms in a lunatic haze until I come to nought

O great old one, lord of all, before you I now kneel
baptize me through my pineal gland and grant me vistas of reality

I burn for thee

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