A Losing Game, Pt. II

Caliber | 27.01.2011 | Metalcore

Demo 2011
Raita 2/2

Sanat: Joni Heino
Musiikki: Caliber

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So there I was and you we're gone without me.
My heart is like a broken glass, ready to sleep.

Now I realized what you've done to me,
you left without a single feel,
ready to say goodbye for our HIS-TO-RY!

-verse 1-
There I was terrified, cause you we're on my sight,
I can't believe my eyes.
I turn my back for you, hope you don't be a fool,
to lay your hand on me.

-bridge 1-
What you did to me, was unacceptable.

-chorus 1-
Can you see how I hate?
Can you feel all of my rage?
Can you see how your own heart pumps my anger into your veins?

-bridge 2-
What you did to me, was unforgivable.

-chorus 2-
Everything you said was a lie!
I just want to say goodbye!
Don't you ever speak to me, get the fuck out of my face!

-verse 2-
I can't find words to say, how I will survive today,
you caused me so much pain.
I just close my eyes, start running towards the light,
ready to say goodbye.

-bridge 1-

-chorus 1-

-bridge 2-

-chorus 2-



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SignsOfLife 27.01.2011
saundimaailma hyvä. osittain eksyilee, osittain toimii erittäinki hyvin.
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