Death after life as a newborn beast


I open my eyes and see something through the dark
Seem like ancient ruins. Where the hell could I be?
Though my memories are null, I differ human sense.
This is something else, like an afterlife.

A cloud of white fog enters in sight
It´s forming a figure, a blurry angel witch
The angel decays right in front of my eyes
No time to speak a word, now there´s dust only left.

A burning arrow appears in my arm
It points a direction, so let´s have a look.
Though it snows and should be cold I don´t feel any pain
This is Death after life as a newborn beast.

Finally a distant glow… behind the tree line
I´m almost there… what a hell?
It´s a burning circle that floats in the air
I jump in the hole and appear in a mist.
Moaning monsters haunt this realm
This must be the purgatory.
The arrow in my arm changes shape
...As a symbol that is over a cave in horizon.

A distant glow… from the cave
Few ugly things are also getting in
No need to think where the hell it leads
Let´s just go on and start the screaming in pain…

A distant glow… all around
Death after life as a newborn beast.
A distant glow… all around
Death after life as a newborn beast.

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