Black Metal

Death after life as a newborn beast 09.12.2014


I open my eyes and see something through the dark
Seem like ancient ruins. Where the hell could I be?
Though my memories are null, I differ human sense.
This is something else, like an afterlife.

A cloud of white fog enters in sight
It´s forming a figure, a blurry angel witch
The angel decays right in front of my eyes
No time to speak a word, now there´s dust only left.

A burning arrow appears in my arm
It points a direction, so let´s have a look.
Though it snows and should be cold I don´t feel any pain
This is Death after life as a newborn beast.

Finally a distant glow… behind the...

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Black Metal

Awaking Mysticality 14.12.2005


Original ver. 2001. Re-recorded 2005.
Groundwork made with synths.

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Heavy Metal

DevilHeavy 21.11.2003


Made in 1997 with rottn roll feeling.

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Black Metal

Into the world of suffering 23.08.2004


Re-recorded in 2004. Originally made in 2000.
Synthful Bm-rock originally made for a band: "Into the world of suffering".

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Black Metal

Painajainen yhä jatkuu 03.02.2004


Rock & horror vibe in BM vein & Finnish lyrics. Lots of synths

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Black Metal

I scream myself to death 25.12.2003


This song is part of "Black Antichristmas -series".
For every 24.12 one song is made in a day and this is 2003.

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