Seven Days In Dust


9. Where There's Shit There's Bound To Be Flies

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Waking in the total darkness
Can’t move, can’t scream
Stucked in the coffin - slow death waiting

Now I feel the coffin moving
Down to six feet under
I’m buried down to ground

Seven days I lay in dust
In the final day I wake
Something’s different - body reform

I burst throught the dirt to ground
I’m between death and living
Blood now I desire

Awake in my own funerals
Left eaten by vermin

It is time for my revenge
Horror in the night
Fury out of sight

Families I will mow down
Left no-one to mourn
Hear them die and groan

To meatloaf I grind their bodies
Rain of blood and suffer
Final voice I muffle

I curse their souls to damnation
Suffering so dire
Into burning fire

My revenge is done
But I hunger for more...


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