Jos etsit säveltäjää elokuvaan tai peliprojektiin tai ihan mihin vain muuhun, ota yhteyttä osoitteella jossa nimen kohdalla on minun nimeni, eli Christer Holm

Space Marines - Entering the Underworld 02.08.2012


The Space Marine unit Epsilon 6 arrives at the planet Arachnor to respond to a report of a growing enemy presence on this world. The marine dropship enters orbit, coming in through the clouds, with a majestic view around them. The marines take their places and drop down from the ship onto the surface with a devastating thud as their heavy armor hits the ground shattering the rock around them. At once, enemy forces appear everywhere and the battle begins, lasers and muzzle flames light up the night, massive swords clash as great titans fall...

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Space Marines - Combat Drop 02.08.2012


The Space Marine unit Epsilon 6 arrives at the planet Arachnor to respond to a report of a growing enemy presence on this world. The marine dropship enters orbit, coming in through the clouds, with a majestic view around them. The marines take their places and drop down from the ship onto the surface with a devastating thud as their heavy armor hits the ground shattering the rock around them. At once, enemy forces appear everywhere and the battle begins, lasers and muzzle flames light up the night, massive swords clash as great titans fall...

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Space Marines - The Valorous Return 02.08.2012


The Space Marine unit Epsilon 6 returns home after a successful mission at the deadly world of Arachnor. Comrades have fallen and the feeling of great loss is in the air, even if the mission was victorious. Such is the world of the Space Marines. Only few of even the bravest return...

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Dark Heart Anthem 11.01.2012


Latest collaboration by Crackhead and XGener8or, we are X-STATIC!

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Fantasy Metal

Call to Arms 25.09.2011


A group of powerful Viking warriors embark on a deadly battle with forces of the netherword.

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The Killer Strikes 07.11.2010


A short track I made for a little horror film. In this scene, the unstoppable big bad killer goes after his victims...

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Symphonic Electronica

Tubular Moments 07.09.2010


The second brand new collaboration from X-Static (Crackhead & XGener8or). An idea started by Crackhead, to make a track based on Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield. It started as purely electronic trance, but then I decided to give it a full symphonic flavour.

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X-Static's Resurrection 09.04.2010


10 years ago there was a group who made midi music with Yamaha XG related hardware.
This group was named X-Static and was a group of online friends,
who made music seperate and together (Collaborations)
They released these songs under the group name X-Static.

After 10 years X-static is back with 2 old members Crackhead also known as Dj-Scratch and X-gener8or.

These theys we use other hardware but still we have the same spirit and inspirations as back in the days

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The Faceless Men 27.02.2010


The theme of "The Faceless Men" from REBORN. The Faceless men are dark beings who exist out of our own time, controlling the destiny of our world.
This piece has a big men's choir, singing appropriate words in latin to fit the purpose of the Faceless Men. The major choir part in the second part have the following words
"Deus Temporis, Terrarum Extinctor",loosely translated from "God of Time, Destroyer of the World"

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Skyscraper Fight 12.02.2010


A big fight scene between Katana and Sabre high up on an unfinished skyscraper. From REBORN.

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Travis and Faith 06.02.2010


"Love Theme" from REBORN.
The original soundtrack for a screenplay that has not yet been produced.

New version featuring real guitar by WhiteAxxxe!!

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Alpha Centauri Anthem 19.12.2009


The opening anthem of Galactic Voyages 2

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Mission Orders 08.09.2009


A special forces unit gets their mission orders and engages the enemy in this powerful track.
NEW VERSION made on updated 64bit system, some instruments changed.

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Crusaders of the Desert Sun 03.09.2009


A legion of Holy Knights on a quest in a faraway land encounters the terrible forces of darkness...

This piece could well be the intro to a Heavy Metal album, like for Manowar.

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The Final Annihilation 08.09.2009


The first psytrance song I have made, for a special compilation album.

Earth has enountered a sinister alien race, and they don\'t particularly like our planet...

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The Beasts of Babylon 20.04.2009


The planet Babylon is inhabited by enormous dinosaur-like beasts. The creatures of this world are a true wonder of the galaxy, and it shows how a world can turn out when such creatures are allowed to evolve freely for millions of years with no natural disasters preventing the evolution.

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The Fleet at Hyperion 16.04.2009


The Hyperion starcluster is guarded by a massive starfleet. The starfleet high command issues their orders from the tower at Zendar Prime. The Zendar asteroid field is an impressive sight, but also a dangerous place, if your vessel is unshielded.

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The Capital of Zendar Prime 03.04.2009


The Capital city of Zendar Prime is a marvelous wonder of technology. Its colossal central building is a worthy centerpiece of the highly advanced civilization of the Hyperion starcluster.

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The Islands of Ixion 01.04.2009


The planet Ixion is a lush paradise world with vast oceans and green islands. The people of Ixion are renowned for their hospitality and kindness. A visit to this world is something you never forget.

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The Desert of Algerion 28.03.2009


The planet of Algerion has a vast desert covering almost half of the planet's surface. According to a legend, an ancient creature resides deep in the desert.

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The Ruins of Nexia 23.03.2009


The world of Nexia is a remarkable planet. Its whole population has vanished. But what is left speaks of a highly advanced civilization. What happened to the beings of Nexia is a legend thousands of years old, its mystery continues to live on, unsolved.

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The Guardians of Prometheus 14.03.2009


The lush forest world of Prometheus is guarded by an ancient tribe of warriors. They have sworn a sacred oath to protect the planet, which can be best described as a living paradise.

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The Nebulas of Proxima 11.03.2009


The faraway world of Proxima has a vast nebula surrounding it. When standing on the mountain summits of Proxima, the nigthly view of the sky is breathtaking.

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The Element (M. Harris) - Urban Assault Blockbuster Remix 11.03.2009


I was contacted by M. Harris and asked to do a remix of one of his songs. The idea behind the remix is, what would happen if M. Harris went to Hollywood to make big blockbuster action movie? Now you can already hear part of the soundtrack of the film :)

Original song here

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The Element (M. Harris) - Urban Assault Blockbuster Remix INSTRUMENTAL 11.03.2009


The instrumental version of my remix, without the vocal track, so you can listen to just what I made on it's own.

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Gray Matters - The Retro Ninja Project 11.03.2009


For a long time I wanted to return to making something like the good old Commodore 64 game tunes. Now I finally returned to my roots by making this tribute to Last Ninja 2 by Matt Gray. It was very fun to emulate the old sounds with modern synths.

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New Horizons 11.03.2009


New Horizons was another probe, launched in 2006, sent out to explore Pluto and its moons. As the two probes reached the outer rim of our solar system, they were intercepted by a highly advanced race of space explorers. The probes were reprogrammed and modified, giving them true intelligence and hyperspace technology. They were also given the power to transform into walking robots, to explore planet surfaces.

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Voyager-1 11.03.2009


The Voyager 1 space probe was launched in 1977. Its original goal was to explore Jupiter and Saturn, and later the outer reaches of our own solar system. Nobody could have expected what adventures lay ahead of this originally very simple space probe.

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Progressive Trance

Journey of the Prophets 11.03.2009


The prophets set out on a journey though space to locate one of their own who has been lost for millennia. At the end of their journey they locate their long lost brother, who has been worshipped on a faraway world as an "Angel Machine".

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Kindred Spirits 24.12.2006


Main theme for "Kindred Spirits", a work in progress

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Secret behind the Shed 24.12.2006


A scene from "Kindred Spirits", a work in progress

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The Letter 24.12.2006


A scene from "Kindred Spirits", a work in progress

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Johnny's Theme 24.12.2006


Theme for Johnny, one of the main characters in "Kindred Spirits", a work in progress

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Johnny opens the Portal 24.12.2006


A scene from "Kindred Spirits", a work in progress.

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Arabian v 2.0 (Divers in Egypt) 24.12.2006


This is a short demo piece I was putting together, it was going to be on a website, they requested something middle eastern sounding and I came up with this, but it was too much middle eastern for their taste.

It reminds me of something out of "Prince of Persia" :)

UPDATE: This is an updated version of the piece, slightly longer, with more instruments added at the end. It was tweaked for a video of divers in Egypt, by request, however due to techical problems, the video was never released.

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Leijonan Sydän: Hockey Practice 24.12.2006


This was made for the film "Leijonan Sydän" by Karisma Films but was not used.

The scene is a hockey practice, where the team has failed an important match and is being punished by their trainer. I decided to use a military allegory here, the team is like soldiers, and their trainer is their sergeant, hence, the music is powerful and evoking of images of soldiers in action. It really beefed up the scene in my opinion.

In the film, no music was used during the scene.

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Leijonan Sydän: Jonna is Sad 24.12.2006


This was made for the film "Leijonan Sydän" by Karisma Films but was not used.

In this scene, the male lead character Leo is leaving for a match in another city, and Jonna, his girlfriend is left behind. In the scene I was sent, she was left standing alone for a long time, looking like she was conemplating something, looking very sad, so I made this dramatic cue for that moment. In the final film the scene ended about a minute earlier, and no music was used.

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Leijonan Sydän: Walk with Kirsi 24.12.2006


This was made for the film "Leijonan Sydän" by Karisma Films but was not used.

In this scene, Leo, the main character is walking with Kirsi, the "other girl", the cue is first slightly in the background, buiding the right atmosphere, and rises to a climax point where Kirsi is trying to kiss Leo, but he brushes away her, and the music goes back into the background and is joined by a sad cello.

In the final film, no music was used.

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Leijonan Sydän: Lonely Night 24.12.2006


This is an updated version of my old "Adagio for Strings and Choir", tweaked to fit into a scene in Leijonan Sydän where the main charactes is skating / practicing at night on a lonely ice ring.

It was not used in the film, in the film, a similar-sounding string piece was used, along with some voice-overs.

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The Siege of Arwath 24.12.2006


Part of Legend of Anval. This depicts the epic siege of the tower of Arwath, at the peak of the Rachzam range. Arwath is a place where a magical seeing stone is located. From the top of the vast Rachzam range, this seeing stone allows you to see all across the land. Arwath was long occupied by a sinister group of assassins, a secret guild directly under the Dragonlord.

After retreiving the great Wizard Eldor Darklight from the Monastery of Galamor, our group of heroes were able to execute
the long planned siege of this pivotal place. With the might of sword and sorcery, Arwath was put back...

9   1 465 kuuntelua

Micro Bit Journey 24.12.2006


This was an alternate submission for the composing competition in Mikrobitti magazine, July 2006. Since you could only submit one piece, this was left unsubmitted. I quite like how it turned out. It's an electronic synth piece.

-   0 405 kuuntelua

The Battle at Gelendor Field 28.06.2005


Part of Legend of Anval. This is the Epic Finale to Legend of Anval.
This suite depicts the great Battle at Gelendor Field where the Dragonlord's Army encounters King Gandorius IV and his Royal Guard. The Wizard Eldor Darklight has joined the King as his advisor and comes with the army to Gelendor Field. As the battle reaches a most desperate point and all seems lost, Eldor unleashes Hell, focusing all his long-gathered powers against the enemy, making their souls burn through
their flesh. The Aftermath shows the endless fields of fallen soldiers....
00:00 "March of The...

10   3 955 kuuntelua

Charging the Castle and Death of Alador 24.07.2005


Part of "Legend Of Anval"
The group has gathered their forces for the
ultimate strike, the Dragonlord must fall. As the party charges the castles defences ,the battle is fierce. But Alador the Paladin is
struck down by the Dragonlord's right hand bodyguard, Tetsui Kabuko. He slashes his sword through Alador and time seems to stop as the group sees him go down. Driven by fury, the remaining party members hack
their way through the opposing forces, slaying each and every one of them until they are facing the Dragonlord himself...

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The Monastery of Galamor 19.07.2005


Part of "Legend Of Anval"The party has reached the fabled Monastery of Galamor in the great mountains of the Rachzam Range. They are greeted by three monks who show them the way inside. The divine tranquility is overwhelming as they walk through the shiny marbled hallways. In the Great Hall of Sanctuary they meet Eldor Darklight, a powerful wizard who has withdrawn to the monastery to avoid the dark clerics of Barnagos, who once slew Eldors apprentice and drained Eldor's powers. Only under the protective spells of the Galamor Monks has Eldor been able to avoid detection. He took a sacred...

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Melodic Trance

The UFO Experience 19.07.2005


Part 1 of 3 of the Dream trilogy from the "Tales and Myths" series

This song tells a story about the mystery of UFO abductions. The mystical noises of the spacecraft can be heard throughout the song. The middle part indicates that these particular aliens are not of a hostile nature. But you never know; Keep checking the skies, because who can tell what might be coming for you.

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Melodic Trance

The Prophets of Atlantis 28.06.2005


Part 2 of 3 of the Dream trilogy from the Tales and Myths series.

This song starts the mythical tale of the creators and undertakers of Atlantis, the legendary lost city. Referred to as The Prophets, here they appear in the form of whales. In this story, a man in modern times
meets one of these prophets. The prophet picks up the man on an island and takes him on an enchanting underwater journey. They reach the fabled lost city of Atlantis and after that the prophet takes the man
back to the island and leaves for the depths once again.

10   1 555 kuuntelua
Melodic Trance

Return of the Prophets 19.07.2005


Part 3 of 3 of the Dream trilogy from the “Tales and Myths” series.

3000 years has passed since the Prophets showed the lone man the wonders of their lost city. Now the time has come for the Prophets to return to see if the city has remained untouched. No longer do they need the disguise of whales, they return in their true form, piloting their spacecraft into the depths of the ocean and find Atlantis exactly the way they left it. In the beginning of the song and end we can hear the prophets talk to each other.

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At The End of the Universe 28.06.2005


This was also made for a game that got cancelled. It was a scifi strategy game. This was supposed to play at the main screen. The designer loved my idea to make this Blade Runner style music. Very atmospheric. Enjoy.

8   2 597 kuuntelua

Headquarters at the Dawn of Darkness 28.06.2005


We traverse through the large empty halls of the futuristic headquarters, lone spaceships fly by outside the huge windows. Darkness
is falling. There is a calm yet spooky feel in the air....
This is a song I made for a Anime style Sci-Fi adventure game that sadly got cancelled. This music would have played in the background of the "Headquarters". This was desigend to work well looped.

6   0 572 kuuntelua

The Storms of Aldar Prime 19.07.2005


: This song is influenced by Synth gurus like Jarre and Vangelis. Aldar Prime was a peaceful world. In the year 2550 the Aldar Prime colony was established. The colony was a self sustained world in itself. Life was good on the colony until the year 2567 when The Storms arrived. The Storms were of unseen magnitude. They completely destroyed the colony. Thousands of colonists were killed in the Storms. Only a handful of colonists survived the Storms. They gathered their most valued possessions and headed for the Mountains in the distant. During the next months the survivors managed to build...

6   1 560 kuuntelua

Star Wreck VI Theme Demo 24.07.2005


I was considered to make music for the new Star Wreck VI movie. This was the first demo version of my idea for the title theme. In the end, their own composer made all the music they needed.

I wanted to make it in a traditional Star Trek mood, while in the middle the melody slightly resembles the Russian national anthem, which is (or was) used by the creators of the film as the hymn for emperor Pirk

7   0 601 kuuntelua

Star Wreck VI - Evil Test 24.07.2005


This was another demo piece I made of my ideas for the music for Star Wreck VI. This was going to be the theme of the enemy. I wanted to make it very dark and threatening.

7   0 568 kuuntelua

Star Wreck VI - Space Battle 24.07.2005


One more demo for Star Wreck VI. This was battle music, epic and grand, action packed.

7   0 618 kuuntelua

Airport Goodbyes 20.07.2005


This was made for the 2001 Assembly Wild Demo short film Special Delivery. It played at the final shot as the main characters flew away from the airport

8   0 528 kuuntelua

ICE Scream Main Title 19.07.2005


This is the main title for a horror film that tells a story about a small USA town which gets haunted by a paranormal icecream truck. People start disappearing in the town and the sheriff is desperately searching for clues until they make a gruesome discovery in the back of the icecream truck. The icecream man is in town. Prepare to scream. This is a "camp" horror film, like Halloween, which is the inspiration for this piece. It starts with the icecream truck's melody. I first made this with the melody used on icecream trucks in Finland and Sweden but I changed it because of possible...

7   1 575 kuuntelua

Snowfall Trailer Music 28.06.2005


Music for a trailer for a 3D animation project called Snowfall

Check out the trailer at http://snowfall.patric...

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SWAT Marines - Main Title 19.07.2005


This is the main title sequence for “S.W.A.T Marines”, one of the most Badass Action films ever (however, the film does not yet exist.) It follows the work of a Special Government Task Force, the S.W.A.T Marines. Called on to resolve the most dangerous and critical hostage and terrorist situations.This piece starts out with a “mystical” intro, you can just imagine the logo of the film company going by. The Strings kick in as the main title comes up. After that it’s pure action as the S.W.A.T Marines embark on a mission. In the middle comes a toned down guitar theme of the main...

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Chase 28.06.2005


This is a piece I made for a short film called "Special Delivery" which appeared at the Assembly 2001 wild demo competition. It's for a car chase. Made in true "Media Ventures" style

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Adagio for Strings and Choir 28.06.2005


This is a slow dramatic sad piece of music depicting the tragedy of war. It was made for some videos for the Finnish army website but due to a tight deadline, it didn't make it to the final edit.

6   1 598 kuuntelua

Janina 20.07.2005


This was made for a video on the website of the Finnish Army. It showed an overview of the biggest military drill of that year entitled "Janina"

Check it out here

I also made music for this one

7   0 570 kuuntelua

Love at First Sight (Annie's Theme) 28.06.2005


Dedicated to the Love of my Life as a memory of our first date

10   0 608 kuuntelua
Symphonic Electronica

Rebirth of Cryogenic Emotions 25.07.2005


This was my last collaboration with Sascha Henken when we were still in the group #Cryogenic Emotions# back in 1999. This song was made as a "New Start" for our group, with a classical big sound, in contrast to all the Techno music. The group still died out, sadly. This song sounds very much like a Science Fiction shows theme music. Sascha wrote the ambient intro and the improvised piano / pizzicato sequence in the middle. I wrote the Main Theme "fanfare" that plays after the intro and as the finale. The orchestration was mostly made by me. This version is an "Orchestral Update" featuring...

-   0 656 kuuntelua

Strike Force - Covert Strike 25.07.2005


This is the piece from a fictional action film "Strike Force - Covert Strike"

It follows a squadron of elite Apache attack helicopter pilots as they embark on a mission that will set the fate of the whole country.

Originally made for a webpage, but was not used.

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