Coloring Book 4 Kids

Contimental | 13.10.2008 | Ethnic
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Coloring Book 4 Kids (Contimental)

Music copyright: T. Ikonen/P. Saikkonen/P. Gustafsson/R. Väkevä/K. Pohjavirta
Lyrics copyright: K. Pohjavirta

These are the colors
Of the crayons you can use
In the Coloring Book
So, open it up an’ take a look now!

Grey – the color of yesterday
Today, day out, day in
You know what I’m sayin’?

Brown – the color of chocolate
Everybody’ll eat
Mmm, that sounds like a treat

Green – the color of money
Mo’ an’ mo’ money
Yo, see where it go?

Blue – the color of police car
Freeze, punk, ya won’t get far!

Yellow – the color of you
When you’ve that
Under my skin- thing
Shh, join the club; you’re in

Red – the color of blood
Of a kid shot in the head
He’s dead

Purple – the color of the body
Of a two month old baby boy

Violet – the color of Uzi shots
Wake you up at night
‘S cool; just a drive-by of a gang fight

Black – the color of your own governments’ policy
It’s called hypocrisy

Wazihlabelellee a-bomma ni-kameeli khaban-yanee
Wazihlabelellee namadlanga mafuufa kanga-wanee
Wazihlabelellee semakwekhu nginjen angomu-bazalee
Wazihlabelellee baabaqlu voyeela mali qun dzennilee


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