MADNESS 18.01.2004


Reggae vaikutteinen melodinen biisi vihan kätkemisestä ja mielen romahtamisesta:

Got to go. Got to run away 'n hide. There he stood with his consence clean. Smoking gun, empty clip, no-one alive. There he stood with his hands in blood.

Pushed down from the edge. Release all hatred hid inside. Mistreated for so long that he went out of his mind. Smiling for his atrocity. Feeling grave relief. He had his avenge and bears neither repent nor grief.

Dead bodies all around. They've paid the price. He's the man everyone...

8.64   12 3501 kuuntelua



I'm not a product of this society. Are you the one to rise up economy? A revolution we would need or anarchy, that is only solution to criminality.

Outcast and no-one is by your side. Left out and we're on our own. They still have prejudices. We are disqualified!

Go get a tie, dress up as a businessman. These are the things that you need in the world. Look at the numbers we are and forget the man. Focus on expansion and achieving the goal.

Outcast, and no-one is by your side. Left out and we're on our own. They still have prejudices. So we are disqualified!

It won't affect me, no...

9.82   7 2027 kuuntelua

PARANOIA 29.08.2004


Something must be after me now. Watching my every step somehow. But what might it want from me? I dunno but I must hurry... before it caches me.

Pockets filled with illegal stuff. In my head: Everyone is waching. Wonder am I alost or not. In my head: Everyone is waching. It must be just paranoia! It must be just paranoia!

Looking around as I march on. Shadows all around sing a song. Is that man following me or who attacks from behind next door? Something is after me...

9.83   4 2289 kuuntelua

ALCOHOLICS 14.01.2004


Let's rub the bottle. Cannot resist the force. Release the genie. Fullfill my dreams ofcourse. Let's rub the bottle. I can't resist the call. Drunk I wish to be. Let's open the bottle.

Come now, super drunk. Pissed out with a punk. I can tell you little secret:
Alcoholics are fairies!

Too afraid to live. If you never let go. Follow me. A trip to wonderdrank.

10   5 1756 kuuntelua

RECKLESS 23.09.2004


Punk rokkia!
It doesn't matter to me, that what you think about me. I am what I want to be. You cannot force me to change. You need to blame someone. Accuse for your misery. Envy my reckless lifestyle, whilst you are stressed to death.

Reckless is what you call me. And that's the way I will be. My life is sweet as all the troubles in the world won't hit me down.

More money you need to make. More stress, thus more me you hate. Save me from your misery. I am not the one to blame.

9.29   5 2207 kuuntelua

MASQUERADE 14.01.2004

Hardcore Punk



Räkäistä Punkkia!
Commit rape or homicide. But one man is on his side. Doing his job. His in for the money. Have to win so long did he study to get them all out. It makes him proud.

To him it's a game. Victory to fame. He knows the law but his mind is blind... etched by greed.

Now he's got a new car and a greedy wife.
One more victim of this system makes him thrive.

9.36   9 2196 kuuntelua
Hardcore Punk

YOU AIN'T ANY BETTER!!! 29.08.2004


Who do you think you are? You spit on bums and think they should be killed. Who do you think you are? You'd steal the last dime of a blind. You think you're better man, so you want to get all criminals hanged. All too proud to give a light for my friend. You start a fight. Listen, here's my demand:

I sure hope you'll be gone, before I get berserk. Get out of my eyes. We ain't getting along. Let my friend be. Get out of my sight!

Born with silver spoon in your mouth. Your car and phone you cannot live without. Still kick a homeless man with no grief. Say: "Get a job you lazy welfare thief"...

8.64   9 2003 kuuntelua
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