Orchestrated Acts of Evil

Damnation Plan | 26.02.2008 | Death Metal
10.00   566 kuuntelua

Kappaleen sanat

this is a play that none of us should be ever part
ruins of the men lying on streets
with death on their feet
misled crusade by the ones
serving their god
exploiting the blind
and calling themselves
the chosen ones

and it's on...
right now!
who are we to make that final call?

it's all the same for the faint
who once again
set the stage for the crimson sunrise

“give me your soul I'll give you valour”
“together we will have a reason”
“cut me loose and let me choose for you”
“together we will make a difference”
your head should be on the same plate

watch that insanity
growing inside thee and fall
straight back to thee
who've been misled

watch that greed
paving road for their self crowned king
of this murderous assembly
that once again led to this massacre
self-righteous rites against humanity

now the dawning arrives
world gazes up to the skies
reaching another heights
it's here to stay
right now!

what's the price of this pain?
what were the names of the crucified victims
who never were given a chance to stay?
what's the cause of this unmerciful?
orchestrated acts of evil

--CHORUS b--
as a burning infernal soul
driven by the demons of eternal coal
your end shall arrive
letting hate eternal never die


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