Bitter Openings 2006


Miksauksesta Kiitos Ville Miinala

9.75   2368 kuuntelua

Kappaleen sanat

Release me from this prison.
Take me away from life.
This world of ignorance,
that holds me in a lie.

Oh I remember the times
when you stabbed me in the back.
Oh I reckon the hours
when everything was yours.

Everlasting hatred.
No warmth to feel no more.
In a blink of an eye
I am gone.

I know the truth hurts you
and you live in regret,
but let it all go now.
Release all your pain.

Burn away those sinister thoughts.
They are not yours
Run away from the fears you've fought.
Close all the doors.

Flames of life are fading soon.
Though it's not a misfortune.
This time this all had to end.
Your justice is not my defend.

Everything you saw,
you held in contempt.
Always felt the misery
and burned the bridges for good.

So close is the saviour.
Too far to reach it now.
I break before it gets here.
I was not meant to survive.

There is nothing left to feel.
Just hate to bear.
You all should know by now,
that life is only to bring you down.


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