Dual | 09.05.2012 | Thrash Metal
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Kappaleen sanat

Verse 1:
Chocolate bunnies, colored eggs that's what Alice likes
Monkeys, rabbits, Duchess serve them tea insecticide
Coffee beans, insanely chills obedient smithereens
Wait a sec while I mix oil fluids with kerosene

Verse 2:
Frying pan...
Insurance policy...
Catch the sugar lamb...
Drown in quicksand...

Verse 3:
Alice bring me coffee 'cause I can't, I'm just an elf
I like to eat, I like to drink oh I can't help myself
Decisions after choices after power gain fail
Tell you what, let's flip a coin you call it heads or tails?

Verse 4:
In conclusion Alice doesn't know how to behave
She tells me not to mess with her or she will betray
Committing crimes in my demise relations untrue
A.I. Wonderland: My revenge part deux

I see you're an angel
Trodden by bells and whistles


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