Dual | 09.09.2012 | Metal
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Kappaleen sanat

Verse 1:
I won't serve a pollution tray, I'm pound to disobey
They notice something's wrong when I obtain austerity
In vain I won't spill, food comes in a pill
Attempting fate is opposite to tempting necessity

Destroy, compell
Or I'll unleash Hell!
Restrain, miasma rain
In your dreams I must dwell

Verse 2:
Deathless toxins they choke, leave the mirror broke
Reflection drives the mask unkind without the reason no
Lunacy is the hope, insanity aid to cope
Transparent eyes unclear perception of what is in and out

Spoken lyrics:
"Good morning everybody, there are reports that pandemic has been spread all over the world,
there´s no control of it, we have no cure, we´re trapped in here, we need your help!"

C Part 1:
The fragments of life will perish and vanish in wind
The tablet of time turning point end of the line


C Part 2:
The faces of future are staring and looking at me
The look after crucial terminated controversy



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