White Death

Dual | 09.09.2012 | Thrash Metal
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Verse 1:
Ferocious devour, macro predator perilous
It's the feeding hour of Carcharodon Carcarias
Attack unprovoked, appear from the darkness
Nightmare in fear, terror terminal targets

Reverse impact sudden instinct to breed asexual companions to ex
Requiem to cyclic proportion mutant cannibal absorption dynamic apex

Sounds of silent scream, haunting in your dream
Ruthless engine feed, unrelenting need
Gush of blood instant, rip of limb intact
R.I.P. here lies, raw serrated mind

Final Verse:
Aggressive snap bend my body in two
Dying is easy just let me show you
Intensive break and... I have lost my head
Then I was taken by Jaws of White Death


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