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Kappaleen sanat

There's no shelter in this murderous season
A righteous prophet convicts his people for treason
And still you wonder why I turn blessings down
Why I don't need your faith now

How do you trust in an aegis the eyes cannot see?
I feel no feathers brush my face as they sheathe over me

One eye fixed firmly on words of incursion
The other blind from divine perversion
The path of the just runs rich with the blood of the damned
Condemned by the faithful man

Reforge the doctrines of this wretched carrion kind
An afterthought leads to the suicide of the conscious mind

I've no desire for immortal delusions
A final breath consigns eternal seclusion
I've turned away from the cross of the saint
and from stars that shine in the morning

We are the rain that falls on barren soil
A breed of filth untouched by the heavenly crown
Man has dethroned god; our fate is our own
Whether we flourish or lose way and drown

Spare me from your prayers, they're sickening to me
Don't preach to me of your faith, it's killing me


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