Eka biisi, joka kuulosti joltain. Kaikki tätä ennen (joita ei siis Mikserissä ole) oli nauhoitettu tinatölkissä. That said, voksut on aika hirveet. Säästä korviasi ja kuuntele joku tuoreempi veto.

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Kappaleen sanat

If hers is the morning
Then mine is the night
It's another sad old tale
Another candle to light

A secret hushed
Of a fate uncouth
Only flowers stay blushed
Only moon saw the truth

Sweet words to charm
This poor innocent heart
Lured her out of hiding
To the arms of demise

I know she lives in shadows
Sheltered from all sight
But darkness is my kingdom
Alone I rule the night

I took her to the meadows
When all but us would sleep
The ground was bathed in crimson
Yet only willows weep

Like flowers under autumn
She wilted in my eyes
All that broke the silence
A weary question: "why?"

The blood of thy muse
That fell on the land
Spilt to accuse
The act of thy hand

A greater woe to me is
The wildflowers stained
Red like the roses
Around her grave

I met him under moonlight
Brought to him his dear
Stars alone would witness
He shook with rage, not fear

He drew his blade and spoke
"Did it last a while"
I shook my head, said "no,
I still could see her smile"

He fought hard but by dawn's light
He could stand no more
With last ounces of his strength
He threw us down the wall

Still-eyed he stared at me
I said "we are the same
But if I am a sinner,
Then you're the one to blame"

The blood of my muse
That fell on the land
Spilt under your
Furtive hand

Vengeance found me solace
But not the kind I sought
My heart may have found comfort
But only misery it brought

To her last words
What did I reply?
"Revenge is the void
That leaves nothing behind"


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