Walkin' on the Railroad

Full Flavor | 16.11.2007 | Blues

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I'm walkin' on the railroad
and sun is shining right to my eye
Yeah, I'm ramblin' on the rails
feeling like I could die
Would I be better off dead?
Well, I ain't gonna lie
And if that's the way the things go
then why even try?

Well my poor head aches
and every piece of noise sounds like a gun
Yeah, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout
and it ain't no fun
I'm a homeless man now
'cause my girl put me on the run
And on top of all that
there's still that frickin' sun
Come on!

This dreadful state I'm in
really makes me think
Maybe I should just wear a ball and chain,
jump in the ocean and sink
But then I would never again see a pretty girl
givin' me a wink
Maybe I'll just go back to the pub
and have another drink


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Black Dog 02.12.2007
Roots-meininkiä. Laulaja tuntui hieman pidättelevän...räkäisempi soundi olisi tehnyt poikaa.
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