Trollcore feat. Tero Ritvanen

GLOAMiNG | 30.01.2019 | Folk Metal

Sovitus ja laulut: Tero Ritvanen.

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Kappaleen sanat

Silent are the paths of the forest of trolls
Only echoes of the mountains of witches
A lonely troll rising from the ground
The beast is hungry, hungry for some toes

"Herkkuvarpaita, kristittyjen verta"
Delicious toes and the blood of Christians
The lonely troll roars in a growling wind
As the snow begins to fall into the forest of trolls

A mist of hatred rising from the pond
Surrounding darkness with a foul stench
A glimpse of light from mountains of witches
The lonely troll now chanting on the ground

"On tullut aika taas
saada herkkuvarpaat
ihmisiltä poistaa
ja nuotiolla paistaa"

Once upon a time in a thundering storm
A child was lost in the forest of trolls
Darkness embraced the child
Gathering trolls around him

Crowded were the paths of the forest of trolls
Madness embraced the beasts
Madness embraced the trolls
Piece by piece
They ate his toes!


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